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Your home effects how you feel much more than most people think. When it’s organized and comfortable and efficient and beautiful, your life is so much more enjoyable! After we decorate a home, people often say, “I wish I had done this years ago” or “We’ve been using this room for the first time since living here because now it’s so much more inviting and comfortable.”  “Who knew you could accomplish so much for so little?” 

We believe you should enjoy those feelings from Day One in your new home. Don’t wait. We can accommodate budgets ranging from small to luxury. 

If this sounds like something that would benefit you, please call us or email to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you create rooms you never want to leave! 


Do you dream of a one-day makeover like on TV?

I’ve seen people fall in love their things all over again after we show them new ways to use them.

Moving into a new home?

Could you use help figuring out where to place your furniture and how make it all work in your new space?  Having a new set of eyes come in and see new possibilities for your furnishings can give you options you might never have thought of. 

Are you ready for new furniture or accessories?

We have many to-the-trade relationships as well as designer discounts on brands and websites you love covering the full range of budgets.


Are you struggling with deciding which pieces to keep and which won't fit in your new lifestyle?  It’s hard to make those decisions when you are emotionally attached to everything. Let us make it easier for you.

Looking to lighten up or start fresh with all new pieces?

Let’s have some fun! We specialize in making a house feel “happy” as well as beautiful and functional.

Just want a second opinion or overall design direction?

No problem!

We Can Help with All Those Needs!


We love showing homeowners how to get the most enjoyment from their homes! (And hugs. We love getting hugs from happy homeowners.)

How a Designer Can Save You Money and Other Helpful Information

How a Designer Can Save You Money and Other Helpful Information

How a Designer Can Save You Money and Other Helpful Information

How a Designer can save you money and other helpful information

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How a Designer Can Save You Money and Other Helpful Information

How a Designer Can Save You Money and Other Helpful Information


Green Kitchen Remodel Using Salvaged Materials

Green kitchen remodel using salvaged materials

We took a kitchen from the 40's to the millennium in an old historic farmhouse.

The historic character of the home was respected while updating the function and layout for today's lifestyle.  Nearly all materials were salvaged.


Before- Cramped

The old U-shape layout cramped the 10-foot wide space.  The door placement cut the room in two.

Green kitchen remodel using salvaged materials

After (Same Angle)- More Spacious

Moving the door and the stove to the end walls gained two feet of usable width and doubled the usable length.  The room feels four times bigger but we didn't add a square inch.

All photos are taken from the same angles.



The kitchen door was next to the refrigerator.  You walked directly into the kitchen table.

Green kitchen remodel using salvaged materials

After (Same Angle)

The new French doors open the kitchen to the beautiful views and expand the functionality of the space.




The view from the hallway was to the refrigerator.  

Green kitchen remodel using salvaged materials

After (Same Angle)

Now the view centers on the new window and the woods outside.  The pendant lights add the statement factor.

More Examples

My Houzz site has many more photos.

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Don't let the Corona Virus keep you from achieving the home of your dreams!

While we're all stuck at home, it's increasingly obvious to us what we would like to change in our homes, and we find ourselves with the time to deal with it also.  I'm still available to help you design your home remotely with the help of technology.  Let's see if we can make the shut-in more comfortable and enjoyable for you.

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After I'm clear on what you're looking for, I'll prepare a draft of a design proposal for your review

Review and Revise

You'll have an opportunity to review the draft and offer feedback about what you like and what you don't like.  The packages include revisions so we get it right for you.

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